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Aa is for apple, Bb is for bear, Cc is for cat, Dd is for dog, Ee is for elephant, Ff is for fish, Gg is for goat, Hh is for horse, Ii is for igloo, Jj is for jack in the box, Kk is for kangaroo, Ll is for lion, Mm is for monkey, Nn is for nest, Oo is for octopus, Pp is for pig, Qq is for queen, Rr is for rabbit, Ss is for snake, Tt is for tiger, Uu is for umbrella, Vv is for violin, Ww is for walrus, Xx is for fox, Yy is for yak, Zz is for zebra.


C $25.00


Our phonetic alphabet cards includes the full alphabet from A-Z in uppercase letters, lowercase letters, and matching phonetic sound cards. There is a total of 78 cards included in this set.

All cards are printed on cardstock and laminated.


1. Use the lowercase letters and picture cards to match letters and initial sounds.

2. Use letter cards only to match upper and lower case letters.

3. Match picture card with the uppercase letters.

4. Try and match all three sets of cards.


To place an order, you can email us at or message us directly through our Instagram page.


We are located in Hamilton, ON Canada. We offer local delivery to surrounding areas for an additional cost depending on your location. We also offer free local pickup. If you are looking to place an order and require shipping elsewhere in Canada or the United States, please contact us. We're happy to try and accommodate you the best that we can!

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